Friday, April 18, 2008

What's New!

We are pleased to announce that Wet Dog Glass LLC joins the STARworks team as its newest tenants. They bring 6 staff to Star - co-owners Eddie and Angela Bernard, 3 glass blowers and one metal sculptor. Wet Dog has recently been awarded a major contract and will be bringing several more glass blowers to town in the near future as employees. They have also begun building out the public access glass studio where they will be offering glass blowing classes and other public events.

We are also pleased to announce that Central Park NC was awarded a $148,800 grant from the new NC Biofuels Center to build out STARworks Biofuels, a biodiesel production facility. The biodiesel plant will provide biodiesel for local customers as well as the STARworks glass studio and other projects. Piedmont Biofuels will begin building the plant this summer.

Finally, our new community garden project is underway. Led by Anne Partne and a group of volunteers, we are building a garden that will feature sustainably grown vegetables that will be offered for sale on a subscription basis to local residents. The project will also feature a green house that will be heated with waste heat from the glass furnaces. More on this project and the others soon!