Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This week at STARworks

A fury of activity this week at STARworks, lots of running around chasing pipes, wires and conduit, not to mention Nancy and anyone else that needs to weigh in on a given subject.  We have been busy planning the new gallery and graphic design space in our building.  The gallery will cover about 1000 square feet of one of our nice hardwood floored rooms and will give us a place to show artwork by STARworks artists.  In a nearby space we will build a graphics design studio that will provide graphic design services to area businesses and train ambitious local high school students to work in a creative environment.  The task of transforming the space involves clearing out old hardware and air conditioning units suspended from the former factory ceiling and rebuilding the area to suit its new use. 

 Here is a shot of the space as it exists now.  Something also has to be done about the battleship gray and blue racing stripe that Renfro painted on the walls.  We will also replace 4 old windows that used to be in front of the building so that some natural light comes into the space.  

There is an open house at STARworks Ceramics this Friday from 5-7 pm.  They will have new cone 6 clay available to sample in white and brown.  Click here to see their posting and a great pic of Santiago and his super cute assistant.

Nick has been busy in the hot shop working on the furnace and preparing for his High School art class from East Montgomery High.  He's bummed that the furnace is off and he can't blow glass, but he'll get over it.  I mean, doesn't this look fun too?

Tony is sweating every time I see him, working hard to get the bio fuels building ready for equipment delivery in late September.  If you see him, make sure to remind him to drink lots of water.  Click here to read about the progress he has made.

Of course our resident organic goddess is hard at work as well.  Anne has started seeds for the fall garden and assures me that salad days are soon to return.  We are trying to figure out landscaping plans in the back of the building so that we have a great space shared by our garden, the deck and the bio fuels area.  Her blog is great for all stuff related to gardening, veggies and food.  Check it out.