Friday, March 26, 2010

Camp E Ku Su Me kids help at STARworks.

Yesterday, and Tuesday a group of kids from Camp E Ku Su Me came to STARworks to help with some much needed work outside the building. On Tuesday we had twelve kids and three counselors so we split them up into teams. Anne took a group around back to the garden where they weeded beds, turned soil and got a mini workshop on vermicomposting and general garden knowledge. My team stayed in front to help dress up the flower beds and clean the STARworks sign. The helped us for about three hours and the beds look great.On Thursday we only had six kids so we spent our time sprucing up the neglected Magnolia area on the north side of the parking lot. The dirt had spread beyond the rotten cross ties that border the bed and so the kids shoveled it back in and then straightened up the whole thing. We hauled five or six loads of leaves and weeds around back in Steve-o's truck. I would have been great to have new cross ties to border the area, but we just re used the old ones for the time being. As we say at STARworks, "it's better than it was!"
Thanks to the kids and counsellors at E Ku Su Me, and to Steve-o, one of the most generous dudes I know!