Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Old Glory flies over STARworks

You know what's cool? Watching the American flag fly in front of your place of work. Thanks to the guys at Comfort South, we have the colors flying again in front of our building. For the longest time we had bare flagpoles behind our sign on the front lawn with neglected ropes broken and flapping in the breeze. I asked Kenneth Cagle how we could thread new lines through the pulleys and he said all he needed to do was tell two of his guys that they couldn't do it and it would be done in about five minutes. Sure enough they delivered, I was impressed but not surprised. That business is populated by can-do people that accomplish a lot with very little. Thanks to all of them especially Brandon and Brian Moore for polecattin' up those flagpoles so that we can fly our colors. You have to check out the video.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

STARwalks trail completed

The STARwalks trail has been installed.  We recently finished pouring our recycled rubber walking trail last week.  Star Heritage Day participants got to walk on the newly poured surface on June 6th.  The STARwalks trail is a 1/8 mile loop that is made of recycled truck tires.  920 tires were saved from the landfill in constructing this low impact walking surface. The forgiving surface lessens stress and impact that occur while walking on concrete, asphalt or other hard surface.  It also lets water pass through eliminating water runoff associated with paved surfaces.  Those who walk on it say a variety of things, but one word heard often is "wow".   Future improvements include benches, picnic tables and a bulletin board that will include information on walking programs offered along with other happenings at STARworks and in the community.  Come by STARworks and check it out!

The STARwalks trail was made possible with a generous grant from The North Carolina Health and Wellness Trust Fund and partnership with The Troy/Montgomery Senior Center, Montgomery County Council on Aging, Montgomery County Health Department, the Town of Star and Montgomery County Parks and Recreation.